Review: Top 10 Bixtrary Coupon Codes to Save $200

No doubt, Bixtrary is one of the must-have tools for anyone that wants to succeed online. With Bixtrary, you could…

Get your website, product or service mentioned and covered on high quality sites…

=> Get your brand, product, service or website mentioned and covered on 100+ unique media channels every year…

=> Get up 50 unique backlinks from high authority websites every single month…

=> Get introduced to industry recognized bloggers and influencers to promote your product…

=> Multiply your traffic by ranking higher in Google and getting people to click through to your site from 3rd party sites, and…

=> Significantly boost your income and bottom line.

Despite charging a moderate fee, the truth is many people still can’t afford to pay for Bixtrary.

In this post, I’m going to share the 20 discount coupon to shave several dollars off those Bixtrary monthly plan. Please take note: for you to get the best outcome, it is recommended you use the monthly billing cycle.

Many of the coupon codes listed below are fixed dollar coupon and not a percentage based coupon. For example, if a coupon code has a $200 value, and you use it for a monthly plan, it means every month, you’ll be getting a discount of $200 on your renewals.

Which means in a course of 12 months, you’d save about $2,400 with this coupon.

However, if you use it on a yearly plan, you’ll be getting only $200 savings per year, which would be somehow expensive for you as opposed to the $2,400 savings you’ll get with a monthly plan.

Save $200 Every Month On Bixtrary Standard Plan With These List Of Coupon Codes

1. 3vdEo7eX760QY

This particular coupon code has a  99% probability of working. It has been used extensively by many to grab a $200 savings every month on Bixtrary’s Standard Plan.

2. NIqgN5drhul06

This coupon code have a 40% probability of working. At some point, it has been used in the past to grab as much as $350 from Bixtrary’s Standard Plan. But that cannot be said to be the case now. Although some people still use it with success, others who’ve tried it recently have reported that it is no longer supported by Bixtrary.

3. mHv7q3BI837CD

This coupon code, once the favorite of many have fallen out of favour. While it still works for those that used it several months ago, the painful reality is that it no longer works for new subscription as it used to. This particular code has a 20% success rate for new subscription to Bixtrary Standard Plan.

4. Qn33HIyn20v39

Touted as the “Savings Giant”, this code have been used in the past to save up to $700 from Bixtrary’s Yearly standard plan subscription. Currently, it as a success rate of just 9% for new subscriptions, even though it still works for old users.

5. G4i7T14DOP0JQ

This particular plan has a success rate of 33% for new subscription, although it has been reported not to work on several occasions, hence the low success rate.

6. uTbw29dn5F4Wo

This code have an alternating savings amount. It has been used to save amounts rannging from $200, $150, $1,000 and even $10, hence the uncertainty in its performance or success rate. It even go as low as $0. For this reason, we are giving this code a success rate of 1%.

7. qw491NK4kqDT4

Although this code have been used to save $200 in the recent past, report reaching us reveal that it is no longer the case. Therefore we assign a 33% success rate to this code.

8. H4cd4572j5CtL

This code has a success rate of 15%. No longer as effective as it used to be for new subscriptions, although it still works to save $200 for old subscribers to Bixtrary Standard Plan.

9. J4338jkoNyT6N

This code has been used by over 100 people to save $200 and above throughout its lifecycle. No longer as effective as it used to be, it has been assigned a success rate of 4%.

10. 23zk19KP4GSAK

Alongside with code number 1, this particular code is one of the few Bixtrary coupon codes that are still working fine for new subscribers to shave $200 off their Standard Subscription plan. Although not sure how long more it will continue to work, it currently have a success rate of 98%.


For those who want to get their business, brands, products or services covered on authoritative online media and acquire backlinks to their website without paying huge sums to PR Firms, Bixtrary is a good way to go.

These codes, specifically have been tested for the Bixtrary Standard Plan and their degree of success have been documented above. Other Bixtrary subcription plans such as their Beginner and Professorial Plan have not seen success with any of these codes.

As stated earlier, to get the best results with these codes, it is better to use the monthly subscription payment cycle as opposed to the yearly subscription cycle. Using the monthly subscription cycle will save you more money with these codes than the Yearly subscription cycle.

Also keep in mind that we do not have any control over these codes. The folks at Bixtrary does. As a result, these codes can cease to work at anytime, either for new subscribers, old subscribers or both.